Shinsuke Nakamura is brought to SmackDown Live to replace John Cena

According to Cageside Seats, Shinsuke Nakamura was brought up to SmackDown Live from NXT in order to take John Cena’s place while he is away. This will make Nakamura one of the leading babyfaces on the blue brand.

King of Strong Style made his awesome debut on SmackDown Live

Shinsuke Nakamura serves as a perfect replacement for John Cena, but he can achieve even more if given the chance and the creative freedom to do so. Without a doubt, the WWE Universe will get behind The King Of Strong Style sheerly due to the unmatched level of charisma that he brings with him.

It is good to that WWE has faith in him despite the language barrier. While AJ Styles is rumoured to drafted to RAW in Superstar Shake Up, it was the best time to bring the King of Strong Style to the WWE’s Blue Brand.


6 thoughts on “Shinsuke Nakamura is brought to SmackDown Live to replace John Cena

  1. Ya no. Shinsuke Nakurama will NEVER Replace John Cena, and the things he has done for the

    Thanks for trying. Shinsuke doesn’t have the performance that John has has for 20 years.

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    1. I agree with you now it seems that Shinsuke can’t replace the leader of Cenation. He is doing well in SmackDown Live as a wrestler but the contribution of John Cena in pro wrestling is unreplaceable.


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