Daniel Bryan wants Nakamura, Samoa Joe in SmackDown

Daniel Bryan was interviewed by Ringside Collectibles at Ringside Fest 2016 in New York.

Credit: sportskeeda

Answering a question on which superstar he would like to bring into SmackDown Live next, Bryan replied that although there were many talented workers at NXT, his choices would definitely be current NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe.

Bryan also mentioned the names of NXT Women’s champion Asuka and others like Boddy Roode and Austin Aries saying that it was a herculean task to pick out two wrestlers to join the main roster from that talented pool of workers. Bryan said:

“That’s really, really tough. I would love to have Nakamura, just because I roomed with him for a short time.

I’ve known him for a long time. And Samoa Joe, because I’ve known him for a long time too. There are so many great people down there. The women’s champion Asuka is really good. I love Austin Aries. Bobby Roode’s really good.”

Bryan also said that he would like to go against Nakamura or AJ Styles if he would be cleared by the WWE for one last match.

Bryan also gave his input on the phenomenon that is James Ellsworth. Bryan felt that Ellsworth has a certain unique charisma about him that makes him resonate with the WWE Universe. Bryan pointed out that due to his unique look, Ellsworth seemed like an underdog and just like in his own case, the WWE Universe has got behind the underdog.


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