Kurt Angle hopes for a match with Daniel Bryan


If this match could happen by any chance, no doubt it will be greatest match of the recent time as the these two are the one of greatest Technicians to ever enter the WWE ring.

Kurt Angle is considered to be one of the greatest in-ring technicians of all time as there is no one who picked up the business as fast as The Olympic Gold Medalist. After Daniel Bryan’s untimely retirement, Angle praised Bryan to be one of the greats in the squared circle, along with the likes of Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit.

When it comes to an in-ring return, many have considered Angle vs Bryan to be a dream match of sorts. Unfortunately, that may never come to fruition now that Bryan has retired and is under contract with WWE until 2018.

However, The Olympic Gold Medalist still holds some hope to wrestle the Smackdown Live General Manager. On a Facebook Q&A on his official page, he was asked by a fan as to which dream match he was disappointed didn’t happen, him against Bret Hart, or him against Bryan. Angle responded, “I knew Bret wasn’t possible because of his stroke 15+ years ago, so I’d say Bryan. We could still have it. I’m holding out hope but chances are very slim.

Source: sportskeeda


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