James Ellsworth talks about WWE and Jericho


James Ellsworth has created waves in the WWE world. Meant to be a one-off enhancement talent, his unique look and utilisation of mic time, where he said the now-iconic dialogue “Any man with two hands has a fighting chance”, got him buzz all over the internet and he became the subject of several memes.

Thanks to his popularity, WWE has even brought him back, and Pretty Jimmy Dream (as he was called in the indies) is living his dream right now. He was on his idol Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk Is Jericho last month, and in an interview with CBS Boston, he mentioned how Jericho had been tremendous help to him:

That is definitely 100 percent Chris Jericho. The day after I did the match with Braun Strowman he contacted me on Twitter and wanted me on his podcast (Talk Is Jericho). I went in and did the podcast with him. Ever since then we text all the time. He gives me advice and helps me out. He’s just an outstanding human being.

Source: sportskeeda


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