Bobby Roode talks about his ‘Theme Song’


Bobby Roode, in an interview with SportingNews, spoke about his theme song, how it came about and his reaction to it:

“I got five demo songs sent to me from Neil Lawi who’s in charge of the music in WWE. I chose a song, it was the same song actually that Neil liked the most and we shot it up the ladder and it got to Triple H.

Before this, I had a conversation with Triple H about what I was looking to do character-wise and stuff and I wanted to go back to the robes and the character I’ve portrayed in the past and who I felt most comfortable with. He liked it.

I got to TV the next time after I picked the music and I was around ringside and Triple H said that he had another song that he wanted me to hear. The song that we chose, he didn’t really feel like it fit.”

He went on to mention his reaction to when he first heard the song:

“I was around ringside and I had a chance to listen to the song and it was obviously totally different than the original song that I picked. I listened to it, I liked it. I remember Michael Hayes being there, he listened to it.

Obviously, he has a very creative side to him and he loved it. Triple H loved it so I thought hey, why not? Let’s do this. So, we did it and it just kind of happened that way and the song has caught on fire. It’s one of those things that just kind of evolved.”

When asked if he was surprised by the impact that it had on the fans:

Yes. Totally. And pleasantly surprised. When your entrance song that you’re a part of goes No. 1 on the iTunes soundtrack charts it kind of surreal. Obviously, the song fits the character, the character fits the song. It all has come together and, in a way, made my job a little easier.

Source: sportskeeda


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