WWE Live Event Chicago: Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Orton


Orton was set to face Lesnar in what was billed as the rematch of SummerSlam, but Paul Heyman came out to up the stakes ahead of the clash. Heyman insisted that a normal match between the two Superstars was not good enough and instead revealed that Stephani McMahon and Mick Foley had agreed to change the match to a first-ever ‘Suplex City Death Match’ – with no disqualifications or count-outs or stoppage due to blood.

He then went on to introduce his client as ‘ The University of Violence’.

The Beast Incarnate had the upper hand at the start of the match as he hit The Viper with a couple of Suplexes, but Orton responded with a chair and followed it with some RKOs outta nowhere, only for Lesnar to kick out every time. The Beast fought back and nailed the F5 before pinning Orton for the win.

Following the match, it looked like Lesnar was going to give Orton a similar treatment as at SummerSlam as he entered the ring with a chair, but instead opted to hit The Viper for a couple of more suplexes.

Source: Sportskeeda


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