Winner of Best of 7 Series will get a title shot for US Championship!


During the beginning of their best of 7 series, and during it, Raw General Manager Mick Foley and the Raw commentary team constantly mentioned that the winner of the best of 7 series would be getting a “Championship match” in the future. There was clear ambiguity about this as people did not know if they were referring to a Universal Championship match or a United States Championship match. 

It was rumored that Cesaro will win the series and go on to have a Universal Championship match with Kevin Owens, but it is now being reported that the winner of the series will challenge for the United States Championship instead. Sheamus was 3 up in the series and they even worked a back injury angle for Cesaro. However, as always is in these best of 7 series’, the babyface always makes the great comeback. And that is exactly what happened, as Cesaro won the last 3 matches to even out the series to 3-3.

Source: sportskeeda


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