T.J. Perkins talks about Triple H, his goal in WWE and more


This Wednesday, the 10-weeks long WWE Cruiserweight Classic came to an end with T.J. Perkins as the winner of the tournament. In the last episode of the Classic, Perkins defeated Kota Ibushi and went on to defeat Gran Metalik in the finals to also win the brand new WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Perkins recently had an interview with Brain Fritz of SportingNews.com regarding his victory in the inaugural series.
Highlights of the interview is given below:

Triple H has been one of the influential characters for the superstars in NXT. His passion for this business is one of the reasons behind the global popularity of NXT. He also played an important part to frame the Cruiserweight Classic. When Perkins was asked about his experience to work with the former World Champion, he stated :

“I was able to speak with him the first week we were here for the first round. I spoke to him in the span of five days more times than I spoke with any other person of administration or boss I’ve ever had anywhere else in the span of five years. That’s how engaged he is and how passionate he is about it. He encourages that in everybody and I think that’s a healthy atmosphere. He’s a workaholic and I think he respects when other people are, too.”

Moreover, he notified about the locker-room atmosphere of WWE : 

“I’ve had such great open and casual and professional interaction with all of the office and administration, all of my peers and everything. This is the first place I’ve even been where it’s across the board that everything’s so wonderful. Everybody is so supportive; it’s a family atmosphere. Everyone is so helpful and approachable.”

In the upcoming episode of RAW, T.J. Perkins will be making his debut in the main-roster. He was asked about his goals in the WWE, to which he replied :

“I think the goal is still the same but you have to take it to another level. I would love for it to be a perceivable idea that cruiserweights might main-event WrestleMania. Cruiserweights will represent in a bigger way than they had been in the past. For me, that’s my goal going forward is to represent this division and this culture, my people, in a bigger way than ever before and hopefully create new heroes for other people, people that will inspire me back.”

Source: sportskeeda


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