Jim Ross consider AJ Styles as the best performer in WWE Roster


On his podcast, he frequently gives his thoughts on the current WWE product. His latest podcast featured interviews with Bull James (previously Bull Dempsey in NXT) and Chavo Guerrero Jr. Before the interviews, he took the time to break down and give his two cents on the Backlash Pay-Per-View, mostly filled with praise.

“AJ Styles is the best, full time, in ring performer in WWE for my money. AJ’s win was timely and he was the most ‘over’ talent on the show. Good booking to make AJ the WWE Champion as he can have superb matches with virtually anyone on the SD Live roster. My only mild complain was that the pace of the AJ-Ambrose match was so fast that the two talents did not make the time to adequately sell some of their dynamic moves. Bottom line is that I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and felt like it was was the best match that Ambrose has had in WWE.

What’s your thoughts about AJ Styles? Write down in comment section.

Source: sportskeeda


2 thoughts on “Jim Ross consider AJ Styles as the best performer in WWE Roster

  1. And the sun comes out on the morning 😛

    I’ve been leaning towards beeing a fan over time. I tend to ignore all the fame and name they had before and limit myself to what I see on the ring. Did the same with Samoa Joe, Finn Balor and AJ. So far AJ is the only one that I’ve became a fan of.

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