Luke Gallows talks about AJ Styles, CM Punk and more.


During a conference call with Gorilla Position, Gallows stated :

“Just watch a AJ Styles match, watch AJ Styles do his thing. There’s something special about him, he has that ‘It factor’ that people talk about. He’s a guy that will get you emotionally invested in the performance, I’ve been in the ring with just about all of them and I can tell you from experience he’s one of the very best.

I’ve wrestled the top names in the business and I think that everyone would agree that he’s one of the top guys. He’s a gifted performer and he is someone who certainly deserves that best in the world moniker for sure.”

The first stint of Luke Gallows with WWE came to end in 2010. He was asked about his reaction when he re-entered that locker room, earlier this year :

“WWE was great before, but it’s even greater now. Great locker-room, great group of like-minded, motivated talents bunch of young men and women who are driven and have a real passion for our business and everything we do.I haven’t been part of a better locker-room.”

Gallows was a part of the Straight Edge Society, which had CM Punk as its leader. Few days ago, Punk made his UFC debut in a losing attempt to Gall, reagrding which he commented :

Even though Punk lost, he still got there and done his thing. For a better part of two years he’s been training to do this thing and focused on that, he got to go and live his dream. Anything you do in life there’s going to be some curveballs with it, I know that Punk’s not done.

In the same way I know that AJ Styles is not done and for sure Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson aren’t done either.”

Luke revealed that it was a shock when The Club were separated during the WWE Draft but they tackled it positively :

“Splitting us across brands was a shock for sure, but we’ve turned it into a positive. It’s turned into a positive for AJ as he won the World Championship on Sunday, and we’re chasing the World Tag Team Championships coming up at Clash of the Champions so I think it was a necessary evil in a way.”

With Karl Anderson, he will be facing the New Day for the WWE Tag team Championship at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view and he is determined to win the gold this time :

“We’ve been fortunate enough to hold titles all around the world now, but we’re yet to hold one in the WWE. It’s definitely a goal to be the WWE Tag Team champions and at Clash of the Champions we have a great opportunity to go and do that.”

Source: sportskeeda


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