Roman Reigns to continue his feud with Rusev


The immediate plans for Roman seem to be the continuation his feud with Rusev. However, it is not expected that this feud will last too long since it is being done in order to help Reigns work back up the card. Though there was initially a change in plans after Balor’s injury, it is now being reported that Reigns will be resuming his feud with the Bulgarian Brute. There is no word on whether he will win the title or not.

WWE fans have rejected Roman as the face of the WWE very vocally over the last couple of years. WWE used various ways to go around the fans clear rejection, such as turning down the crowd volume when he was getting booed among other things. However, things all changed when he failed the Wellness Policy. He dropped the WWE World Championship atMoney In The Bank to Seth Rollins, and even appeared on Raw  the next night, but got suspended the day after that, for a month. 

Source: sportskeeda


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