Finn Balor responded on Seth Rollins’ “Dangerous Worker” criticism


The estimated time for Balor’s recovery is six months, but the doctor’s at Birmingham, Alabama, discovered that there was more than just a dislocated shoulder, with some nagging issues related to his bicep, among other additional issues. So, it is unclear as to whether Balor will be back in the six-month time frame, or if it will take longer than that. This leaves a big question mark on Balor’s return, since the end of the six-month time frame is around WrestleMania season.The question will definitely be whether he will be ready in time for the grandest stage of them all or not. 

Finn Balor was recently on The Ross Report, hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, where he spoke briefly about his injury, recovery, and other things. The talk took place a week after the surgery which Balor underwent, and he stated that after a week, he is finally feeling back to normal again. He elaborated that the tear discovered in his shoulder was twice as large as expected, but that was all repaired and that the doctor even put some of the small broken bones in a jar, which he now keeps next to him.

Then him asked Balor about the heavy criticism that Seth Rollins has been getting of late, being accused by many as an unsafe worker. Balor stated that while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, he does not believe that Seth Rollins is a dangerous worker in the ring whatsoever, to which JR agrees to. Balor then proceeds to state that he has been injured several times in his career and that pro-wrestling is simply a physical sport, in which injuries happen.

Source: sportskeeda


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