CM Punk said he is satisfied with his skill level


After more than 2 years of speculations on whether or not CM Punk will ever step inside the Octagon the former WWE Champion is set to make his UFC debut next month during the UFC 203 event.

Prior to his first match in the UFC, Punk was interviewed by Brian Stann on Saturday’s UFC Fight Night on FOX to promote his upcoming bout. Below are some of the highlights from the interview:

After more than a year of training, the man known as Phil Brooks outside of the squared circle was asked whether he was happy with where he is with his training and Phil said that he is a kind of guy who will never be happy. He said;

“Well, I think overall I’m just the kind of guy who is never going to be happy because I’m always striving to be better than I am, and I think that’s why I love MMA so much. But for a first fight, yeah, I’m definitely where I need to be and I’m satisfied with my skill level.”

Talking about his previous experience in WWE and the experience he has of working in front of a large audience and cameras while performing on stages such as WrestleMania, the former World Champion said that he will have nerves but it will not be because of the audience or the camera but because of his fight:

“My jitters will strictly be, ‘I’m fighting, what am I exactly doing with my life right now’ but I’m sure that will come and go,”

Punk’s first UFC opponent Mickey Gall had recently claimed that Punk’s time will be over the second he steps his foot inside the Octagon, to which the former leader of The Straight Edge Society replied by highlighting that he is supposed to say things like that and it’s a fun thing about their sports:

“He’s supposed to say stuff like that. That’s the fun thing about what we’re going to do, we’re going to punch each other in the face and see who the better man is. I’m not doing this to try to be a star. I”m doing this because I want to do it and was afforded the opportunity, and I’d be a fool to say no. It sounds like he’s getting mixed up in his own head, which is an advantage for me.”

Source: sportskeeda


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