Dean Jones wants World Cup in Test format


Former Australia batsman Dean Jones has said that Test cricket needs a World Cup that would help provide a better perspective on which country is really Number 1 team in the world.

The 55-year-old, who is presently in India on commentary duties for the Tamil Nadu Premier League, said that unless all teams play and beat the other, one can’t clearly say who is the best Test playing nation in the world.

“With all respect to Pakistan or Australia (who were on top not long ago), you aren’t a number one team until you have beaten everyone in the world. I would like to see World Cups in Tests. Australia were the No. 1 Test side earlier, but they don’t play Bangladesh and Zimbabwe enough. On the other hand, Pakistan haven’t played a Test against India for long. So how can you say they are the no.1 side? Until you have a proper World Cup in Tests, and till you give the format what it deserves, it’s not going anywhere. D/N Tests will definitely add fizz to this format,” Jones said in an interview to Cricbuzz.


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