Finn Balor wants to fight Undertaker in Wrestlemania


Balor appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast, The Talk is Jericho and when Chris Jericho asked the former NXT Champ about a possible match with The Undertaker, Balor said, “Before the last WrestleMania, before The Undertaker’s match got announced, I kind of fantasy book myself in my head sometimes, and I go you know what, if they really wanted to make me a mystery opponent for The Undertaker, I’ll come out as The Demon, and even if I lose, I still win.”

Finn said that he has often dreamed about facing “The Deadman” on WWE’s grandest stage. WWE’s “Demon King” also said that, prior to his RAW debut, he thought to himself that there would be no better way to make an impact than to face and defeat Roman Reigns on his very first night on WWE’s big stage, and, of course, he ended up doing that. Because of that, he feels confident that his vision for a match with The Undertaker will come true as well

Source: sportskeeda


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