CWC series Quarter Finalists revealed


The preliminary matches were taped in the month of June. As reported by, the second round of the tournament has been taped as well. After this recent tapings of the Cruiserweight Classic, the quarter-final bracket appears to be : 

* Akira Tozawa versus Gran Metalik
* TJ Perkins versus Rich Swann
* Zack Sabre Jr. versus Noam Dar 
* Kota Ibushi versus Brian Kendrick


The quarter-final matches will be taped next month, probably on 26th August. The entire series will be shot in a span of ten weeks and the finals will be telecasted live on Wednesday, September 14. 

While it is rumored that the participants were offered a contract for this tournament only, it seems former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kota Ibushi may be staying back for a while.

He worked a dark match prior to this week’s NXT tapings. Former WWE superstars Brian Kendrick and Tajiri are also rumored to be working with the company after the end of this tournament. 

         Source: sportskeeda



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