WWE Raw quick results and video highlights: 16 may 2016


Kickoff: We go to the ring and out comes AJ Styles for a pop. We get a look back at Styles and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns from last week. Fans chant his name as Styles takes the mic. He wants to set the record straight because he’s tired of Reigns calling him a liar. But it’s not just Reigns, he’s heard it at the restaurant, the airport, on social media. He says people think his friendship with Gallows and Anderson is some kind of master plan to get him the title. AJ shows some tweets on the big screen with fans commenting on The Club.

Styles asks if this is a new era because this isn’t new to him… he’s headlined the Tokyo Dome, he’s been a champion around the world. For those in the WWE Universe who don’t know him, he’s not called Phenomenal for nothing and he’s worked hard to get where he is. AJ is interrupted by the music and out comes Reigns to a big mixed reaction.

Reigns is met with the “what?!” treatment as he starts speaking. Reigns says what Styles has done around the world doesn’t really matter unless he’s winning “THE” championship. Fans chant for Seth Rollins. Reigns says they’re not going to get Rollins, they have Reigns vs. Styles in the main event of WWE Extreme Rules. Reigns says he’s going to be in The Usos’ corner tonight and asks Styles if he will be in The Club’s corner. AJ says he will be there and he will be wherever Reigns is until he gets the title on his waist. Styles mocks Reigns’ “good guy, bad guy, THE guy” promo and says Reigns is the guy he’s going to beat on Sunday. Reigns says Styles is in the big fight now, this is not a wrestling match, it’s not Extreme Rules. Reigns talks about what he might do to Styles on Sunday. Reigns says he can and he will beat AJ’s ass at Extreme Rules. Reigns says AJ can’t beat him one-on-one, so he knows The Club will be there, but The Usos will be there waiting for them. Reigns says we will all find out that The Bloodline is better than The Club. AJ says he plans on wrapping the chair around Reigns’ stinking head all night long. The music hits and out comes Gallows and Anderson. The Usos join Reigns in the ring. AJ charges and Reigns drops him with a right hand. Fans boo. AJ retreats to Gallows and Anderson on the floor. Reigns raises the title as AJ runs his mouth. The two teams stare each other down and have words as Reigns’ music hits and we go to replays.

Cesaro vs Sami Zayn

  • Kevin Owens and Miz were on commentary.
  • Owens goes to leave with the title but Miz stops him. They brawl at ringside as Cesaro and Sami watch.
  • Cesaro and Miz brawl while Owens and Sami go at it.
  • Shane says everyone has had it with the four of them. He gets a cheap pop from Greensboro and makes a tag match for tonight. Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and out she comes to join Shane on the stage. Stephanie says that was really good but she wants Shane to consider what happened on SmackDown. She mixes up the teams, suggesting it be Owens and Sami vs. Cesaro and Miz. Shane agrees and so do the fans. Stephanie says if Owens even thinks about walking out on Sami, don’t bother showing up on Sunday. Shane says the match starts now.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. The Miz and Cesaro

  • Owens and Miz go at it with Owens hitting a missile dropkick.
  • Owens with a big clothesline in the corner and then the cannonball.
  • Cesaro tags himself in and hits Owens with uppercuts.
  • Miz goes for a Cesaro Swing on Sami. Cesaro comes in and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Miz.
  • Cesaro gets taken out and Sami hits a Helluva Kick on Miz for the win.
  • After the match, Sami celebrates until Owens drops him with a kick to the face.

Winners: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

The Shining Stars vs. Scott Jackson and Brian Kennedy

  • Epico hits the German suplexes and a brainbuster.
  • Epico comes in and they hit their double team finisher, The Shining Star, for the win.

Winners: Primo and Epico

Ambrose and Chris Jericho segment:

Ambrose quickly calls Chris Jericho to the ring. Jericho comes to the stage and wants an apology for Ambrose destroying his $15,000 jacket.   Jericho demands an apology right now and tells the fans to quiet down. Ambrose challenges Jericho to a match at Extreme Rules and he accepts. Jericho is going to show Ambrose what a lunatic does and looks like at Extreme Rules. Jericho says he will have no remorse on Sunday when he gives Ambrose the Gift of Jericho. Ambrose says he has a gift too. A steel cage starts lowering over the ring as Jericho looks on. There’s something on top of the cage. Ambrose says he’s going to put Jericho in an Asylum. Ambrose talked to Shane and he said he could have any kind of match. Ambrose welcomes Jericho to the first-ever Asylum Match. We see the various weapons hanging on top of the cage. Music plays as Ambrose cuts a promo on how bad the match is going to be for Jericho. Ambrose says Jericho will never be the same again.

Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke

  • Becky counters Dana’s finisher but Dana counters a roll up with a pin of her own for the win.

Winner: Dana Brooke

Goldust and R-Truth vs. Fandango and Tyler Breeze

  • The end comes when Fandango gets sent to the floor. Breeze ducks Truth and Truth accidentally takes Goldust out, allowing Breeze to get the pin.

Winners: Fandango and Tyler Breeze

 Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods cut promos on The Vaudevillains, who they will face on Sunday. Woods reveals a time machine that’s being hidden. They jump in it and go back in time. Kofi jumps out with his old accent and theme music. They time travel again and go back to a time where everything is black and white apparently. This leads to Simon Gotch and Aiden English attacking them. They destroy The New Day and the time machine structure. Fans boo as Gotch and English leave The New Day laying.

The Usos vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

  • AJ Styles with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The Usos are out next. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns makes his way out to a loud mixed reaction.
  • The pin comes when Usos hits a big splash for the win.
  • After the match, AJ and Reigns have a staredown in the ring. Gallows attacks Reigns from behind. Uso makes the save but gets taken out on the floor.
  • AJ with chair shots over the back of Reigns now. Styles hits the Styles Clash on top of a chair.

Winners: The Usos

Big Cass vs. D-Von Dudley

  • Cass follows back up with a big boot, knocking Bubba off the apron.
  • Cass hits the East River Crossing on D-Von for the win.

Winner: Big Cass

Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio

  • Rusev holds a helpless Cara at ringside and runs him into the ring post.
  • Kalisto sees what’s going on and is distracted, allowing Del Rio to hit a Backstabber.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Shane has Natalya sign the contract first. She tells them to show respect to the two Legends in the ring. Flair goes to “woooo” and Charlotte tells him to stop because this is her ring. She goes back to ripping on Natalya, saying she’s going to make her tap at Extreme Rules.

Shane has Charlotte sign next. Charlotte stops and isn’t happy about a line in the contract. She shows it to Flair and he gets riled up. Shane says the added stipulation is that if Flair even walks down to the ring on Sunday, Charlotte will forfeit the title. Shane calls for security to come escort Flair out now. Stephanie says it’s not personal, just business, but if Charlotte doesn’t sign the contract, she will forfeit the title tonight. Charlotte signs. Flair calls Stephanie the worst businesswoman of all-time. Shane steps in and stands up for his sister. Flair threatens Shane and takes his coat off. Charlotte tells him to get it together. Shane says he has too much respect for Flair, telling him to calm down. Stephanie says she doesn’t respect Flair and slaps him down into the corner. Charlotte moves towards Stephanie but Natalya tackles her and applies the Sharpshooter.

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