Finn Balor talks about a match with Lesnar, Wyatt’s and more.

Check the latest Finn Balor interview by WWE fans below.


Finn Balor recently did a live interview on Facebook and answered candidly to a lot questions posed by WWE fans. Here is the brief about it and the full interview.

• Balor is open to fight Brock Lesnar. He met Brock when he was in NJPW and is confident that he could beat the big guy now.
• Balor’s dream opponent is John Cena. He idolizes him and is one of the few he wants to face in a ring.
• Balor’s favorite superstars on the main roster are Karl Anderson and Becky Lynch. He also said Gallows is right up there with Anderson. His favorite women wrestler in NXT is Eva Marie.
• Balor thinks it would be interesting to face the Wyatts with a certain club behind him.Balor places his bet on Zack Sabre Jr. to win the Global Cruiserweight Tournament and also thinks that WWE should sign him.
• Balor also spoke about his main roster debut and told the fans that he is eager to do that but the decision is not in his hands. He also noted that he is happy in NXT and to be a part of building something that is great.
• He also talked about facing Shinsuke Nakumura and would like to tag with him in future.
                        Source: sportskeeda

Write your comments about Will Balor would be able to defeat The Beast, if he gets a match and write your thoughts about his views on Wyatt’s.


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