WWE will release more Superstars


With the injection of new blood into WWE from the NXT roster and some spectacular signings, WWE is looking far more stable. It is also only a matter of weeks before some of the injured superstars would make their way to WWE programming. With all this going around, it is safe to say that WWE is on a stable ground now.
Though there is no confirmation of this yet, it is rumoured that WWE is planning to release both Mark Henry and Ryback from their contract. Ryback recently was pulled off from TV after he and Vince McMahon couldn’t agree on some of the terms in his contract. Ryback wrote in his blog candidly about his feelings, which soon raised a controversy of its own.

Some superstars spoke in support of him and others spoke against him. But all that side, it is safe to say that Ryback is in hot waters with WWE and if the rumours are to be believed, Ryback may well soon depart from WWE. Mark Henry, on the other hand, has been outspoken for the past year or so about his wish to hang up the boots once and for all. WWE may indeed concede to his wish and let him walk away.

                             Source: sportskeeda


One thought on “WWE will release more Superstars

  1. Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
    I love seeing Henry, but his knees can’t take the punishment any more. He still can do it, but injuries always just get in the way. Might be time. Taker is on the same boat, just he wrestles way less.

    Ryback will get what he’s been calling for. He has been misused, but should do good somewhere else.


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