WWE Top 10 Wrestlers Salary

Cena is still the King of Money

A statistics report revealed that an average WWE wrestler pulls in about $500,000 per year in base pay before considering bonuses, which are given for things like merchandise, royalties and pay-per-views.
It was also revealed that WWE’s stock exceeded market expectations, making it a good year for the company.

The pay packet of some of WWE’s top stars are:

1. John Cena – $9.5 million
2. Brock Lesnar – $6 million
3. Triple H – $2.8 million
4. Randy Orton – $2.7 million
5. Seth Rollins – $2.4 million
6. Roman Reigns – $2.1 million
7. The Undertaker – $2 million
8. Big Show – $1.5 million
9. Kane – $1.3 million
10. Dean Ambrose – $1.1 million

All this is excluding the money these wrestlers make from their business activities, making their trade one of the best in the world of sport.

                      Source: sportskeeda


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