WWE Raw Quick Results and Videos: 26 April 2016

1. Stephanie makes a big announcement for Payback


* Shane was running the show again and open.
* Stephanie informed Vince will be announcing who will run the Raw at Payback.
Watch the video here of Stephanie interrupts Shane

2. AJ Styles defeated Sheamus via pinfall


* It was incredible match and AJ Styles counters Brouge kick and deliver a Springboard Forearm to win the match.
* Luke and Karl come out and appreciate Styles.
Watch the video here of AJ Styles vs Sheamus

3. New day, Vaudevillians and Enzo & Cass face off


After an exchange of barbed words between the two finalists for the # 1 contender spots, New Day closes the segment by saying they will still be the WWE Tag Team Champions regardless of who wins.
Watch the video here of New Day, Vaudevillians, Enzo and Cass confronted

4. Gallows and Anderson defeated via pinfall


* Gallows and Anderson viciously attack the injured shoulder of Jey Uso.
* Gallows and Anderson went to deliver the post mattch beat down but Reings make the save.
Watch the video here of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs The Usos

5. Sami Zayn defeated Rusev via pinfall

* Rusev dominated most of the match but Sami made his way to the victory by rolled up.
* Kevin Owens attacked Sami from behind, after the match. 
Watch the video here of Sami Zayn vs Rusev

6. Apollo Crews defeated Stardust via pinfall

* It was a short but a good match.
* Crew winning streak continues.
Watch the video here of Apollo Crew vs Stardust

7. Chris Jericho demands an apology from Dean Ambrose


* Dean attacked Y2J and sent him outside the ring.
*  Jericho pulled Ambrose leg through the table and deliver Walls of Jericho.
Watch the video here of Y2J demands apology from Ambrose

8. Natalya defeated Emma

* It was short 2 minute match.
Watch the video here of Emma vs Natalya

9. Sandow vs Corbin ends no contest.

* The match never really got took off.
* Ziggler attacked Corbin as he made his entrance.

10. The Miz and Cesaro face off


* Cesaro interrupted Miz and deliver a devastating uppercut.
* Cesaro stands tall with the I.C. Title.
Watch the video here of Cesaro confront

11. Roman Reings defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall


The match was a solid one with both competitors giving their best.Gallows and Anderson came out towards the end to distract Roman, and it nearly worked too. The duo then attacked Roman after the match was over. AJ Styles ran down to the ring to stop them. Gallows and Anderson left the ring. Reigns attacked Styles and fended off Gallows and Anderson.

Styles then attacked Roman to get his due and both Gallows and Anderson were seen smiling as a confused Styles stood tall over a fallen Roman.
Watch the video here of Roman Reings vs Alberto Del Rio

Write your thoughts and comments about this Raw in the comment section.


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