Chris poke Brock Lesnar on twitter.


Chris Jericho’s heel antics have no bounds when it comes to social media. Recently, he took to Twitter to call Dean Ambrose a rookie. As a result, Dean interrupted his Highlight Reel and changed it to Ambrose Asylum on last Monday.

Even though Chris Jericho has his hands full with Dean Ambrose, he recently took to Twitter again to take a shot at The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. Recently a WWE fan called out Jericho for talking crap and wondered how he would fare against the beast.

Jericho in his reply took a shot at Lesnar by saying that he would whip Lesnar’s dopey ass.

Does Chris Jericho realize that poking the beast would cause him insurmountable amount of pain? Neither Lesnar nor his advocate Paul Heyman has replied to Jericho yet. Lesnar might have missed this tweet, but WWE fans are eager to see how Paul Heyman reacts to this tweet as Paul Heyman is active on social media.

With this news making rounds, it is only a matter of time before Paul Heyman notices this.


source: sportskeeda




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