John Cena talks about new opportunity and challenges, American Grit and more


Again a inspiring from the leader of Cenation,  the face of the WWE ‘John Cena’.

John Cena has been recently promoting his new show. During his recent promotion of the show, he said that he always tries to reach a wider base of the audience instead of concentrating on a single type. He said that the show American Grit is an entertaining product and does not want it to be focused on a single audience group. 
Cena has overcome a lot of challenges to reach a position where he is right now. When he was asked about the challenges that he has faced consistently throughout his own career, he said that the whole life is a struggle and it all depends on embracing one’s opportunities. He also stated that American Grit has been totally opposite to what he has been doing on Monday Night RAW and said that he is becoming less reserved to new opportunities.

“[It’s] more embracing new opportunities; producing this show, taking a hosting route rather than an in-the-action player, which is kind of what I’ve been for the WWE over the past 15 years. Even slightly before that, the roles in comedies aren’t really typical of my profession. It’s just being able to take that leap of faith into doing interesting things and new projects that normally wouldn’t be on the menu for someone like me.”


5 thoughts on “John Cena talks about new opportunity and challenges, American Grit and more

  1. He needs to start building his after wrestling career. His retirement might just be around the corner.

    Still has some good years left on the tank, but how many?


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