WWE Raw results: 11th April 2016

  1. WWE RAW Kickoff 
KO confronted Shane-O


  • He began with a string of announcement:
  • Shane-O-Mac was back to run the show.
  • Charlotte will be defending her title against Natalya.
  • Sami Zayn would face up Styles to determine if Roman will fight a triple threat in Payback.
  • Tag Team tournament kicked off to find the New opponent of New Day.
  • Kevin Owens confronted Shane, which earned him a match with Cesaro to see who faces Miz for I.C title at Payback.

2. Cesaro def. Kevin Owens to become No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship

A Cesaro swing for Owens
  • Owens wisely zeroed in on Cesaro’s taped-up shoulder to leave The King of Swing doubled over in pain.
  • The match ended with Cesaro hitting Neutralizer to pick up the win.

3. The Dudley Boyz def. The Lucha Dragons to advance in the No. 1 Contenders’ Tag Team Tournament

  • Sin Cara was hit a 3D to cost them the match.
  • Enzo and Cass again interrupts Dudley Boyz.

4. The League of Nations confronted WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns

So Roman Reigns says he’s the guy. Fair enough. That means he’s got to deal with the pressure. On Monday, said pressure arrived in the form of The League of Nations, now one Englishman light and looking for a rumble with the self-proclaimed face of the company. As the WWE Universe well knows, Reigns has no issue with One Versus All, but The Wyatt Family chose that moment to appear out of thin air and beat The League of Nations back right as they began to overwhelm The Big Dog.

With tensions mounting, Shane McMahon cooled the situation with a compromise by decreeing two of the League’s members would battle in Raw’s main event as a tag team against Roman Reigns and a Superstar who’s both The Big Dog’s sworn enemy and the League’s current scourge: Bray Wyatt.

5. WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte def. Natalya via Disqualification

A sharpshooter
  • Charlotte was lock in the sharpshooter.
  • Flair pulled the referee  out of the ring at the exact moment Charlotte tapped to the Sharpshooter.

6. The Usos def. Heath Slater & Curtis Axel to advance in the No. 1 Contenders’ Tag Team Tournament

Finally they are here.
  • The Usos can’t get the chance as they were beaten by Doc and Karl.
  • The WWE audience were stunned to see Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows.

7. AJ Styles def. Sami Zayn

  • It was the match of the night as both man fight really well.
  • Styles picked up the win after a Phenomenal Forearm for a well deserve win.

8. Dean Ambrose transformed ‘The Highlight Reel’ into ‘The Ambrose Asylum’

Highlight Reel was made Ambrose Asylum

Dean Ambrose has a talk show? Dean Ambrose has a talk show. That means, of course, that Chris Jericho does not, now that the “The Highlight Reel” has been cancelled mid-segment (thanks, Shane!) in favor of The Lunatic Fringe’s new freeform program, “The Ambrose Asylum.”

Despite Jericho’s guess that the show was merely Ambrose’s attempt to pay back the former Undisputed Champion’s own interruption on SmackDown, it turns out “The Ambrose Asylum” is 100 percent legit. And go figure, it’s a hit! And a kick. And a Dirty Deeds to The Ayatollah of Rock ’n’ Rolla, whose attempts to bully Ambrose and his potted plant off the set were cut off by The Lunatic Fringe’s flailing fists. Tune in next week, folks.

9. Apollo Crews def. Adam Rose

  • Apollo continues his winning streak by hitting Spinning Sit out Power bomb.

10. Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt def. Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio

Bray Wyatt in action.
  • The Eaters of the World was team up with Roman Reigns.
  • Bray Wyatt hits a Sister of Abigail to cover Del Rio.





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