Wrestlemania 32: The Biggest ever


This year Wrestlemania was biggest ever with a record attendance of 101,763. Wrestlemania 32 took place in AT&T STADIUM. 

List of Matches:

  1. Kalisto defeated Ryback and retain the U.S championship.
  • In the starting of match, Ryback was dominating.
  • But at last Kalisto delivered Salida del Sol to Ryback and pinned him.

2. Team Total Divas defeated Team Bad and Blaonde.

3. Usos defeated Dudley Boyz.

4. Zack Ryder defeated Kevin Owens (c), Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Sin Cara, Stardust and The Miz in a ladder match.

  • Zayn dives through ladder on the other superstars to take them out.
  • Kevin push Sin Cara from top of the ladder to Stardust who was lying on the other ladder.

5. Chris Jericho defeated AJ Styles

  • Both the wrestlers once kicked out there opponent finishing move.
  • Chris delivered a Codebreaker mid air to win the match.

6.  The League of Nations (Sheamus, Alberto Del Rioand Rusev) (with King Barrett) defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods)

  • The New Day in their entrance, came out from a big Booty-O box.
  • After the Match, their were Shawn Micheals, Mick Foley and Stone Cold came out to confront League Of Nation
  • Stone Cold delivered Stunner to Barrett, Rusev and Woods.

7.Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) defeated Dean Ambrose in a No hold Barred Street Fight match.

  • Brock Lesnar turns Texas into Suplex City by delivering 13 suplex in the match.
  • Lesnar delivered a F-5 on the heap of steel chairs in the ring.

8.  Charlotte (c) (with Ric Flair) defeated Becky Lynchand Sasha Banks by submission for WWE’s Womens Champion.

  • Charlotte becomes the first Women’s Champion.

9. The Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon in Hell in a Cell match.

  • Shane’s leap of faith from the top of the steel cage
  • Undertaker wins bu delivering his Tombstone piledriver.

10. Baron Corbin won by last eliminating Kane in 20-man Battle Royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy.

11.The Rock defeated Erick Rowan (with Bray Wyattand Braun Strowman)

  • The Rock congratulate the crowd as they have broke the attendance record but was interfere by Wyatt family.
  • Rock defeated Rowan in 6 seconds.
  • John Cena came out to save Rock from the Wyatts.

12.Roman Reigns defeated Triple H (c) (withStephanie McMahon) for WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Roman accidentally delivered a spear to Stephanie.
  • Roman spears Triple H through the barricade.



6 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 32: The Biggest ever

  1. I didn’t watch Wrestlemania, but I was happy seeing that Roman Reigns won the title in the end. I didn’t expect Shane o’Mac to win the Hell in a Cell anyways, but I think he gave a good fight. Waiting for Payback when Reigns takes on AJ Styles.


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